Who we are
We are a technology startup specialized in traceability of the entire textile production chain, with the mission of bringing transparency to the sector, where the consumer himself participates in the authentication and tracking of his products. Since its founding in 2019, the company has been approved in the main innovation notices such as Sinapse de Inovação Paraná 2019, Innovative Women 2021 and Tecnova 2 PR 2021.
We are the only Brazilian startup selected to present our technology at the ITMF International Conference (International Textile Manufacturers Federation ) in 2022, held in Davos-Switzerland. Somos a única startup brasileira selecionada para apresentar nossa tecnologia na Conferência Internacional da ITMF (International Textile Manufacturers Federation) em 2022, realizada em Davos-Suíça.
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Our purpose is to empower companies and consumers to confirm, at any time, the authenticity of their products. Be a quick and simple alternative for accessing production information with total transparency and thus encourage the use of fair labor and environmentally correct operations in the textile segment.

Our Technology

We print a code along the entire longitudinal section of the thread of a textile cone, before it becomes knitted or woven. As the code is printed in the first production stage, it is possible to transport complete information on the textile chain to the cloud, including production geolocation.

The code is read under ultraviolet light and the information can be accessed in 3 ways:

  • R-Inove app available in the Play Store and Apple Store;
  • Artificial Intelligence Reader;
  • Qrcode.

Our technology also includes:

· WEB portal for companies, with insertion of invoices for products with a tracking code, facilitating process management.

· Geolocation of each production stage, with confirmation made by the mobile app, through a photo and automatic sending of the actual production location, mitigating outsourcing and improper labor.

· Database informing the region where the reading was performed, by product.

The code is unique per company. This means that your product or brand can always be authenticated and read by any cell phone, regardless of whether or not it has a tag, such as items washed by the consumer.

R-Inove always provides a baby cone test so that your company can evaluate the full scope of the technology, within its own production.

It is a technology without precedent in the world, with a patent and that informs the consumer, in addition to authenticity, the entire history of their product, in the palm of their hand, anywhere and anytime.

Please provide as much detail as possible so that we can fully understand your request and respond accordingly. Your comments are extremely valuable to us as they help us to improve our products and services to meet your expectations.